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About Me

My passion for photography grew out of my love for hiking and climbing. It's all about sharing spectacular memories.

But even more than adventure and scenic views, I love people, because there is an unforgettable richness in sharing life with each other.


So, let's laugh together, let's sit in silence together, and let's stare at the beauty around us, because the real moments are the ones worth capturing.

In 2016, Jesus became everything to me. On this beautiful journey, I've learned to share the wonders of his creation and to tell the stories of God's greatest love: people. 


I would be honored to tell your story. Do you think we're a good fit?

Capturing Your Story with 

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About My Style

What's your editing style?

My motive is not to meet the latest fads or trends, but to give you memories that last for a lifetime. When you look at your wedding album, I hope to bring back moments from your day - ambiance, mood, and drama.

I edit so that your photos are timeless and so that you will love how they look in 50 years.

I create true colors with realistic skin tones. This usually means brighter yellows and oranges, richer reds, muted greens, and balanced blues. Then I play with brightness and contrast to draw your eye to the subject, and I add vignette and grain to curate a luxury vintage feel.

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